Why is Critical Thinking Important in College?

Daily life brings us a lot of issues and problems which require effective solutions.

Some of them are ordinary, but some aren’t: How to save my pocket without losing a quality of life? What to dress at the prom? What should I tell about instead of my unprepared diploma? Which bank is better to put money on deposit? Where and how can I find a decent job?


The best way to come up with a proper solution is to do it with a help of critical thinking. Most of experts say that thinking can be critical only when it is individual. According to Karl Popper’s theory, knowledge is always associated with the search of truth and elimination of errors through a direct criticism of theories and guesses of yourself or others. A person must think independently and solve even the most complex issues. There won’t be always somebody around to help you with the choice.



Critical thinking is a logical process of the reflection of objective reality. It is all about making a bare piece of information interesting and important – with a help of your creative skills and intellectual activity.These criteria build brick by brick your creative personality. But, analytical thinking is not obliged to be completely original, idea or belief of another person can be accepted as own conclusions, because it confirms the selected position.



– easily finds the necessary information can verify it;

– carefully studies all the possibilities;

– meticulously evaluates each option making own choices.



This phenomenon provides such tools which make your life more meaningful and successful. Autonomy of making choices is the first and perhaps the most important characteristic of critical thinking.



– intellectually independent;

– honest with themselves;

– they can not be manipulated;

– they are able to ask the right questions;

– they are good at Sherlock’s methods (look and see the connections between events and actions, build opinions on evidence);

– they can separate someone’s point of view, but the choice is based on their own conclusions.


There are different ways to learn how to think critically and analyze information. Such skills ensure making the most optimal solutions in any professional field, to be open for new ideas and knowledge. Critical thinking is necessary during the solving of any task, drawing the conclusions, evaluation and decision-making. Fortunately, this skill is not innate. You can acquire it during studying at college or special courses devoted to it. The earlier you begin to develop your analytical skills, the more successful your life will be.












6 Sure Ways to find Inspiration for Writing

If there is one thing that you need as a writer, it’s inspiration. If you are not inspired to write you might not come up with a good piece. However, all of us at one point have experienced lack of inspiration or some form of bad feeling at the mere thought of having to write. However, feeling the joy and the inspiration towards writing makes a great difference. It not only gives you enthusiasm but also the energy that you need to accomplish the work. No matter what you are writing whether it’s a book, an article, or a column you need the inspiration to help you remain active throughout the process. Here are some ways to find inspiration for writing.

1. Read your favorite author

Just as the saying goes, to write well you need to read a lot. If you want to get inspired you need to read a book or a piece by your favorite author. This not only teaches you what works and what does not but also puts you into the mood of writing. Whenever you are feeling lethargic just take some 15 or 20 minutes and you will get the inspiration and the energy to start you off. The most important thing is to find a writer who inspired you and read his work.

2. Immerse yourself in your target audience

Just get into your target audience and try to listen to what they are saying. People can say different things especially if they know that you are there to listen to them. It’s, therefore, important to get into them without them knowing. This will help you get both sides of the story so that you can have a rough idea about what they enjoy reading.

3. Read a lot of quotations

People normally browse quotations for a number of reasons. They are memorable, insightful, and witty. They have everything that a good writing should have. To this end, the best thing to do is to let them inspire you. You can go to a website that has quotations and read through them before you can embark on your writing process. Just one of them is enough to spike an interesting new idea.

4. Listen to a dialogue and smart conversation

Although everyone knows about this, it’s worth mentioning here. Since some people have realized that listening to music helps, if it works for you go for it. You can also close your eyes and listen to music before embarking on your writing assignment. If you do this, within 30 minutes you will find that an idea pops up on your head and you can start writing immediately. It might seem small but if you have had trouble writing you need to try it out. You can also listed to smart dialogue to get you in the mood of writing.

5. Talk to your readers

You can always invite your readers to share with you about their frustrations and then choose 10 of them for free consultation. You will find that a number of them come out to tell you about what is troubling them. You will learn more from their comments and even get the best ideas that you can incorporate into your writing. While it’s humbling, sometimes you need to realize that your readers can also be the best source of ideas. They are actually full of wonderful ideas that you can use.

6. Lock yourself

This is one of the best idea. Always ensure that you write your first draft with the door closed. This does not mean that you literally close the door but rather you forget about every other person’s opinion. One of surest way to frustrate yourself is to start thinking about what other people think about your work.

Wrap up

The next time you are stuck with writing follow these key tips and you will be amazed at how fast you get inspired to start that writing project. That’s all that writing is about. Just start writing, get inspired, and enjoy.