My Life is Like a Country Song

There isn’t any doubt I am a Country Music Fanatic. I love the concept of a country existence, plain and simple. Now, in pronouncing My Life is Like a Country Song (to present credit score where credit is due, this is a play on Chris Cagel’s My Life’s Been a Country Song), I do not suggest the usa music approximately how the wife has left him, the dog dies, and he has been ingesting to no stop. I suggest the concept of family, true values and ease! The front porch swinging, slow paced residing kind of music.

When you live in a busy area (like Orange County, CA) 인천룸싸롱 you truly experience the want to live busy like all the others. There is a sense you are lacking something if you do not do it all. Whether you’re a live at home mother, with a crowded activity/volunteer time table, or the high powered government who desires to close simply one greater deal, it appears as if we are carrying ourselves out. Personally, the fast paced lifestyles can beat me up. Some days I dream of sitting on a wrap round porch, sipping tea, rocking in a swing and staring out at a subject of grass. (Of course I could be listening to a few old Kenny Rogers and the sound song to Urban Cowboy). I guess I simply want the arena would slow down, as a minimum for an afternoon or two.

For maximum, to gradual down we dream of enjoyable vacations. We move on vacations with the concept we’re going to relax, but come home extra exhausted then we left because we filled in a lot on vacation we in no way had the possibility to relax. Not to mention the amount of money we spend on vacations that make us experience we want to work extra to pay off what we spent! It is like a vicious cycle that by no means ends.

I keep myself, domestic, and family prepared so I feel a touch less crazed in my daily lifestyles. There is hardly ever a time where we are stressing out looking for something. We are efficient as we may be in a hectic lifestyles. This allows us to have time to hang around and just be. But for some motive, I still sense the want to do greater. My brain may be on overdrive, at the same time as my environment aren’t. On my lists: write a e-book, replace my internet site, send out a mailer, paintings on my shows, PDF downloads on my internet site…The listing goes on and on. I want to try and squeeze in a lot I do not allow myself to have the down time I want. I am continually considering the next undertaking.

This summer season, I am creating a vow to permit myself as a minimum sooner or later to just do nothing. Well, no longer honestly, I am a mother and that calls for full time paintings, however to in reality no longer paintings on the residence or my commercial enterprise. Just to be with my family and simply BE! We have Adirondack chairs on our front porch and this summer season I might be planting my bum on those while I watch my kids play. I will study, I will loosen up, and I will know that my work will nonetheless be there after I get returned to reality. With my organizational talents, having a systems and processes in place, I recognise I can permit myself to have the quite happiness I am looking for! Now if handiest the asphalt street I look out to on my the front porch ought to become a discipline of wild flowers…

My Life is Like a Country Song
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